Commonly used in the lowcountry of South Carolina, describing a place, person, or thing that's fun or entertaining.
"Boy, that party last night been real jack"

"Aye, you real jack for doing that."
by Pheezyszn September 06, 2016
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The kind of boy you would want to cuddle with, fucking peng cock, beautiful eyes! Get yourself a jack!
Cor, see that sexy boy over there? He’s such a jack!
by Evbjyffhjiobdeer January 06, 2018
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A prefix denoting less than total commitment to one's ideology or belief system. It could be one believes in it but does not act on it, or does the bare minimum, or less, necessary to be able to claim that ideology, or merely sympathizes with an ideology and associates with its adherents. Originally used by Mormons to refer to vacillating or insincere members, and non-Mormon allies of the Church.
She says she's a Christian and believes in Jesus but she only goes to church on Easter and she hasn't actually read the Bible. I guess she's a Jack Christian.
by JohnMoreDread December 22, 2015
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Jack is a caring guy. A Jack has amazing good looks. He will always be there for you. He is a loving and caring boyfriend. He is not the show-off type. He is quiet and humble. He doesn’t usually stand up for himself. He will show you his true self once you get close to him. He is amazing and one-of-a-kind. Jack is someone you will always want to be with. Jack isn’t the type to make any moves very quickly. He would rather take your relationship slowly. He can be insecure deep down, but he won’t show it. He can be annoying at times, but it is hard to stay mad at a Jack. You will never get over a Jack, so keep him close and never let him slip away. If he tells you what his heart has to say or tells you a secret, then it means he trusts you and that is special. It is hard to get him to open up because he has a hard time trusting people. A Jack is someone who you will love forever.
Girl 1: Who is he? He’s sexy!
Girl 2: That’s Jack, that girl’s boyfriend.
by ILoveMyJack January 19, 2018
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