Likes to cause drama and hates his friends
fuck jack
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by egg124 March 08, 2020
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a guy who is in love with kajsa, he snuses lyft and is realy bad at rs6 and LoL.
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by Viggo cool guy språng June 02, 2021
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v. to take, "grab" or obtain, usually in a not very legal situation
I might jack some vodka on the way home if you wanna come over
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by Marshal.B June 05, 2021
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Jack really wants a girlfriends, and will do anything to get one. He’s got brown hair, blue-ish green eyes, and is pretty darn skinny, but might be muscular one day. He gets his heart broken A LOT, and tries many times with the same girl. He’s got a decent amount of friends. If you know a Jack, date him, he’s desperate.
Girl: “Jack asked me out the other day, but I hadn’t really thought about it.”
Other girl: “Date him! He might be very desperate!”
by TheOneLonelyJack November 17, 2019
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When you're constantly talking to girls, and got a new 'bae' but really you're a walking friend zone. Nice lad though.
Person 1: Guess who's got a new bae?!

Person 2: Do you actually talk or are you being a Jack?
by Llamagod2596 December 11, 2017
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Jack is a really good person , he tries his hardest to make you feel comfortable and safe . He it's a awesome bestie to ppl , he wants u to be happy and never feel down. I'd ur ever feeling sad jack will make u laugh and smile<3.
Natalie; Jack's so nice :)!

Sammy; I agree!!
by Natalieiscoolio December 02, 2020
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