The most popular name in the UK for males.

Usually present in amazing lads who have great personalitys, great looks and a strong character. Jack the Lad....one who is up for a laugh always
you a Jack The Lad
Jack your a dude.
by jrwoodie April 02, 2008
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Another feature that Apple has deemed unnecessary.
Why the fuck does the iPhone 7 not have a headphone jack?
by HyperLynx September 20, 2016
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total asshole in the best way. doesn't know when to stop ; yet never needs to. funny, sexy, crazy, and all around amazing. amazing in bed, you'll be coming back for more. you'll hate him but love him at the same time. can't live with him ; can't live without him. can always always always make people laugh & you will always catch a smile on his face. fly, high swag, unmistakable. when you see him, you'll know. all around GOD. boss @ life.
guy 1: yo, you see that guy right there? he's the king.
guy 2: yeah, he has to be a Jack.
by killLaa. June 16, 2010
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The hottest most sexiest guy on the planet. a real comedian, but sometimes doesn't stop talking. has the hottest eyes, hair, and body. a swimmer.
I love jack! <3
by OMGHELLO February 05, 2010
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Highly Attractive and Sexually Intriguin Individual. An "Ultimate Sex God"
Oh my Fucking God. I would tap a Jack.
by JackSharples April 19, 2009
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An amazing guy, makes any girl feel like the luckiest person ever - tall and strong can pick you up despite you not thinking he can. He knows how to make you laugh and has a lovely character - If you are not careful, you will spend hours on the phone to him or when you are with him you can see through his eyes - depite their awesome sexiness
If you are so lucky to meet a "jack" you will spend countless hours with him and find yourself with a most esteemed companion even though he can be cheeky sometimes......
may have a badboy past but thats ok because he is easily changed with his own mistakes
damn! you met a jack!!!!!
by Sunnies January 17, 2011
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