Someone who has amazing drawing,gaming,and humor skills. Typically someone who falls in love with a "Wendy" and is unfortunately popular with younger women.
Guy: I heard jack turned down another younger women
Girl: yeah he is head over heals for Wendy!
by Jack Wesley August 21, 2011
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Jack is the sweetest, cutest, and most amazing person anyone could ask for as a boyfriend. He has the prettiest eyelashes, is awesome bassist. He will make you laugh, and smile every time you see he's texted you or when you hear is voice. When you Skype, you just can't help but being insanely happy even if neither of you says anything at all.
Jack is a Mass hole.
by Lemonbutterbiscuit October 26, 2011
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The act of chilling, especially on a Sunday with a hangover.
I hit it way too hard last night, I need to jack on the sofa.
by smash101 October 20, 2013
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A Ginger human being that possesses pro skills, he has a big penis and is well known for his Ninja reflexes.
Wow that guy is so Jack
Pro skills, no thats just Jack
by The Wimping Weasel March 24, 2011
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A highly useful word with many meanings
1) a man's first name, either as a shortened version of Jackson or as a nickname for John/Jon
2) a shortened version of jack-ass, as a way to avoid swearing
3) a substitute for the word shit, another way to avoid swearing
4) a nickname for a baseball home run
5) the nickname for Jack Daniel's Whiskey
6) a type of card in a standard deck
7) slang for stealing/ripping off, probably derived from the work 'hijack'
8) slang for excitement
9) slang for a beating
10) a nickname for money, popularized by the movie 'New Jack City'
1) Jack London was a famous author.
2) "Stop making jokes and be serious, Larry. Don't be such a jack."
3) "Keith, stop acting like you understand. You don't know jack about what's going on with me and Emily."
4) Jason Bay hit a three-run jack over the left field fence.
5) "Hey Amanda, you wanna share the bottle of Jack I have hidden in my drawer?"
6) The jack is the face card with the lowest value.
7) "Those bastards at the convenience store jacked me out of my change. They gave me back a 5 instead of a 10."
8) The Steelers fans were really jacked up when they realized that their team was going to the Super Bowl.
9) Ross had been hitting on Charlie's girlfriend, so Charlie challenged him to a fight and really jacked him up!
10) "You got the jack to pay for this coke?"
by Tit For Twat January 18, 2007
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