When you are doing a girl from behind, and you are about to ejaculate, you stab her in the back with an ice pick
Dude 1: "I totally just climbed Everest! I don't know what is left to accomplish!"
Dude 2: "You take that ice pick and go jack frost on some ho"
by Theodis Bergstein June 21, 2006
When you are outside on a cold winters morn' and it's so freezing that you cant feel your hands, you start jerking it with your numb hand and pretend its someone else doing the work.
Mo: "Dude i'm freezing my nads off out here; this sucks."
Fatty (smiling): "That's why i'm givin myself the gnarliest jack frost!!!!"
by SJE 42 January 27, 2008
A sex position where the woman places a snow globe in her vagina, and the man covers his dick in cold water. He then proceeds too break the snow globe and release an explosion of fake snow and chm.
by FreshApex February 27, 2019
jack frost blowjob the action of giving a normal bj with the addition of an ice cube in the giving participants mouth.
Natasha offered a jack frost blowjob on the night.
by jack hoffer March 2, 2016
When something is extremely cold. Like, cold as Jack Frost.
Zack: It's cold here isn't it?
Arman: Yeah, Cold As Jack Frost
by ArmanFroster February 21, 2022
When you eat ice cream during the dead of winter, or generally when it's freezing outside.
"Jean says that she's cold and she's in the mood for my white creamy Jack Frost Special."
by Juvo415 December 10, 2009
The act of filling up a rubber glove, freezing the water inside it and then fingering oneself with it
Last night I tried out the Jack Frost's finger it felt great
by cookie1113 February 18, 2015