A term often associated with Turbine Outages in Maine. Often used around Steam Turbines, by graduates of Maine Maritime.
What a fucking Jabroni!
I said the HP turbine, you fucking jabroni!
See if you can get this job done right this time, no more jabroni jobs!
We really got a jabroni when we got him.
I thought we would'nt have a jabroni job if we used the Medford team.
Put your hard hat on you fucking jabroni.
Who was the jabroni that aligned this turbine?
That fucking Jabroni put the pry bar in the packing box.
by Art Hamilton October 23, 2007
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Any red headed person of african heritage.
oh, my! that colored gentleman's head is on fire! nevermind, he's just a jabroni.
by Lavar January 12, 2006
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Pronounced: Jah-bro-nee
Plural: Jabronis
Pronounced: Jah-bro-nee-ss

Jabroni is - to me and maybe some others - is a one-size-fits-all insult. Jabroni can be used to insult anyone for anything. They could be a poser, a lame-ass, a d*ck, an asshole, a motherf*cker, really anything.{1} The pluses to using jabroni over more traditional insults such as the ones listed previously are that it's not used often - giving an enriched and more important and potent insult{2} - and that you can use it for anything as said before. If you're teacher is being just a c*nt, call them a jabroni. He/She will not know what that means, and you can tell them it's a positive thing. Meanwhile everyone else knows that someone just straight-up called them a(n) *INSERT INSULT HERE*.{3}

The word jabroni is a new-age insult. It's a new word; we've seen it be created. Origin shows usage from WWE wrestling. Where "The Rock" uses jabroni to describe a "jobber". How some discovered it in the form shown here was from the Vinesauce live streams. The song "The End?" by "The Four Jabronis" is linked here.
{1} "Kyle is such a jabroni."
{2} James: "Hey Donald, you're a f*cking dick."
Donald: "Well James, you're a jabroni!"
James: "Uhh..."
{3} Mr. I. C. Weenur: "Alright ya little s*its, you have to do homework over Spring Break. Read chapter 69 then make a 2 page summary with at least 2,000 words."
Ben: "Mr. Weenur, you're a serious jabroni."
Mr. I. C. Weenur: "What's that?!"
Ben: "A good teacher..."
Mr. I. C. Weenur: "Okay."
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An italian dish served with pasta and sauce
hey wife pass me the Jabroni,
can you please pass the Jabroni,
"Boy mom this Jabroni tastes better than spagetti",
Are we having Jabroni again tonight?
by eric dejong May 17, 2005
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The dumbass steroid guys who live in Bakersfield, CA.
Look at that guy, what a jabroni!
by Ryno May 04, 2004
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Noun: A large breed of long haired, black dog. Very rare in the United States.
"The neighbors Jabroni crapped in the garden again"
by Daniel Fisher May 30, 2006
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universal word. use it netime or newhere
sometimes an insult, sometimes a compliment, u just never can tell, depends on how u use it in a sentance
Jibbs: damnit mike, wut the hell where u thinkin, ur such a jabroni!
Mike: im sorry jibbs, ur a jabroni, u own me
by Urban Dictionary June 16, 2003
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