When someone tricks you into watching their videos to see gameplay, but there’s no gameplay.
I went on JablinskiGames to see new Trover Saves The Universe gameplay, but I got Jablinskied. Jack Black got us again!
by austinjmiller June 27, 2019
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When a teenager of dubious financial background promises to pay you back, but does not -- claiming poverty.
Dave-o totally jablinskied me on that $10 -- that dude's poor.
by D. Biddy January 05, 2007
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The sexiest and most experienced gamer ever to exist.

Can also be used as a synonym for beast.
Judge: *To prosecutor* State your case.
Prosecutor: Mr. Timothy is here because he talked profanities about Jablinski. Would you like me to read some of them?
Judge: Go ahead.
Prosecutor: Ehm, "Jablinski is a trash YouTuber and an even more trash gamer"
Judge: Thank you. I find Mr. Timothy guilty, and sentence him to death.
Mr. Timothy: Wait wh-

Girl 1: Wow, I love Mark, he's so nice and he like defends everyone!
Girl 2: Ikr, he's such a jablinski.
by big_benis_nibba July 24, 2019
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(Adj)Something totally absurd.

(Adj)Something that cant be done (or hasn’t been done.
(Verb) Doing something impossible,(having no reason to do it knowing that you’re going to fail).
Johns going to try to jump over that building”
“That’s total jablinski.”
(Or) “He knows it’s jablinski.”
by ShaydeeYer June 15, 2019
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