When you are thinking of so many “CH” foods that you become overcome with pleasurable sensations.
I can’t take this anymore I think I might explode with joy after talking about cheros, chocolate, and cheese it’s
by NickyBigBoi March 22, 2021
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The world's first "Hands Free" cat toy invented by Josh M. Burns.
Dang, Marth! You look like you've lost 20 pounds after playing with the Feline Foot 'n Joy! Whiskers, too!

My cat was so damn fat until he started playing with the Feline Foot 'n Joy.
by Hydrobrew April 22, 2011
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A guy who, due to ego or low intelligence, refuses to acknowledge that he didn’t get understand the joke, so instead resorts to insisting that there was never a joke in the first place. He will often criticize the intelligence of the person telling the joke on the basis that they were serious.
“Make sure not to use satire around that guy! He’s Dunning-Kruger’s Kill-Joy, he’ll trap you in an argument you never actually made!”
by CountSnoww November 18, 2021
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ITS LEGIT AWESOME and u should go boost its discord.gg/editorsjoy 😩😩😩😩😩
editors joy smells like booty
by BREE PLS April 19, 2021
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The act of laying on your back and filling your anal cavity with semen and mini marshmallows and then farting it into your own mouth like wet confetti
“Man my wife is super good at the dirty Joi, Iv never seen her miss”
by Suspiciously sticky sock June 26, 2021
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When somebody messages you even when you do not reply.
I can't sleep
Im nervous
Are you awake
Im so gonna do a joy
Coz i have nothing to do but watch tv for another three hours
And message you
doing a joy
by not really ethan December 31, 2012
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