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A Young Gentleman Born In The East Washington D.C. And Raised In The South. He Is Too Smart For Most People To Comprehend And Much More Handsome Than What You Would Think. He Is Capable Of Snatchin' Yo Woman And Any Other Woman With The Least Amount Of Effort And He Is Capable Of Making People Rotfltao. He's Country At Heart With A Very Sensible State Of Mind. He Calls It Like He See And Dgaf If You Like It Or Not. Overall He's The 3rd Greatest Man In The History Of Niggadom. (God, And Jesus Are 1st And 2nd). He Has BIG Dreams Of Becoming Famous With TeamSwagSwag And Amazing As He Sounds. Sorry Ladies. He's Taken.
J'Kalen Holman Yung King Prince Is Too Good For You.
by YungKingPrince August 19, 2011
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