a small but growing gang, started sometime in feb.of 2009 at ed white

most of ed white is clamed PB&J territory.

a mostly mixed gang, not a very rasist gang.

we all love PB&J sandwiches. but dats not the only meaning, u would have to be on the gang to understand it.

there is haters everywhere we go. but they will all be dealt with.

the prez. is for security reasons to be named P.T.pbj
and the current vice is, E.B.pbj
PB&J gang,we tag shit and back it up,and even have a little bussiness on the side selling what else PB&J. aaawloos.
by PB&J gang, muscle March 4, 2009
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A gang from finobe likely created by yimy. the most well known member of j gang is multako.
"J gang boi"
by Sheriff Domestic November 7, 2020
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