Slang for Vagina. Removed the male reference to the name "Jay" in the original spelling.
Every time I take an antibiotic, my Va-J-J itches.
by Peasmom3 June 21, 2010
We're not suppose to see a lady's va-j-j.
by talk2me-JCH2 February 25, 2022
Vagina. Generally a slang or euphemism to down pla the fact that you're talking about a vagina.
yeah, so, iunno bro, you hit that va-j-j yet?
by bob owns life February 9, 2006
A word used when one is departing a place or situation. The phrase is an acronym for Jet, Jam, Bounce, and Roll Out.
Man, this party sucks... lets J-J-BRO!
by Erin Baker March 28, 2007
a 'spliff', 'joint' or 'zoot' with canabbis rolled to perfection.

northern variation: a 'toby special'.
'mann, that brother just rolled one crispy j-j!'

'shit me! thass a wee toby special!'
by rogerbadman. December 16, 2008
the sexiest, smelliest, wettest part of a woman's body. sometimes hairy, sometimes bald, sometimes in between or sometimes just plain freaky. they contain something called a 'clit' which is stimulated by the use of fingers, dildos, penises, or any object around the household.(minus pointy objects)'ll break the hymen and devirginize you.
bre- holy shit karlye, is that your vagina?'s pretty nice
karlye- yah man..wanna touch it
bre- no not really
karlye- common' touch'll make me feel nice
bre- ew you're sick
karlye- DAMN stop turning me on
bre- omg i'm leaving
oh ya.. "hello, would you like to have intercourse with my va-j-j?"
by malene April 23, 2006