An annoying girl who acts cute and dumb but is in reality manipulative and highly untrustworthy. Usually an attention seeking person who craves the spotlight and is prepared to lie and deceive her way to it. Enjoys deception and conflict if it means more attention is focused on her and she gets to play the victim.
'She told everyone my secret, such an Izzie.'
'She sent herself a valentines card, what an Izzie thing to do'
by Angel13 October 26, 2011
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the situation of constantly placing your body parts into various types of feces, mostly by accident.
Oh god, I just did an Izzie.
by mcintosser:p June 03, 2009
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Has to be literally the best character in Atypical
(She’s so pretty too and the chemistry is just elite)
“I know I’m not easy
“I’m not looking for easy”
via giphy
by izziestanlolhelp April 04, 2021
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Normally real name is Isabella. Very sweet and nice always has people around her. Has no problem getting along with others. Very loving. It’s what you’ll think I say. I’m not like all the others for this name my experience with Isabella/Izzie was way different than what others are. They start off with normal and then took a dark turn when she’s used to you. She has no problem with using and recycling people, as if it’s second nature. She is actually a raging manipulative bitch who is toxic af.
Person 1- Izzie seems so nice.
Person 3- yeah but she seems more like izabitch see can be rude.
by That anonymous bitch February 06, 2021
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The hottest and cutest mf alive. If u have an Izzie in ur life, ur lucky af cuz they're rare.
She's usually really shy unless u have some kind of intimacy with her. If thats the case, get ready cuz shes insane at so many levels. She has a good ass style and music taste. A good friend too and always there for everyone.
A: Did u saw that girl?
B: Who? Izzie?
A: yeah...shes so hot
B: agree...no doubt in why thats her name
by thehottestmfalive November 22, 2020
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She is a warm hearted girl who is kind to all her friends she’s emotional but is very funny almost like dad jokes BUT WAY BETTER your so lucky if you have an izzie she also will probably listen to all your needs and problems and give you good advice and will help you with anything! She will also be an actress
Izzie is a stranger things obsessed 😍 girl
by Elliexxpartaraige February 08, 2021
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