Brunette girl with rather large breasts. She loves with her big heart, and any boy is lucky to have her! She also has a soft spot for food... Don't leave your food unattended with Izzie around.
Girl 1: OMG!! Look at her breasts
Girl 2: Ikr, they're so big.
Girl 1: With those breast shes an Izzie!
by smilelikeyoudontcare April 26, 2013
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izzie is the most beautiful person on the planet, her eyes just infinitely grab your attention with their bright vivid blue. Her hilarious personality will have you laughing every second of the day, while Izzie’s amazing looks pierce your eyes with beauty. While Izzie distracts you with her many grasping qualities you are quietly forced to fall in love with her.
by iphone7red October 28, 2020
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An incredibly retarded person who cares about no one but herself. She thinks she’s cute but she looks like a half burnt twinke on steroids. She has no friends because she talks behinds everyone’s back. She is a multi faced cheater who doesn’t give half a shit about anything or anyone. She is a low life who gets joy from making people miserable. She is the biggest catfish. She lures you in by acting nice until she releases her inner demons. She is a fake ass motherfucker who will ruin your life. If you meet anyone named Izzie call the police and RUN.
Oh fuck it’s Izzie
by CheekClapper1234 May 05, 2020
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A kind and independent young woman, she is shy but when you get to know her she is coo coo for coconuts.
"Man, I wish I was izzie, that girl is crazy!"
by Coocooforcoco November 18, 2015
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Izzie’s are gorgeous girls. They tend to have a lot of friends, and be a little crazy. She always has a lot of boyfriends but she is especially attracted to a certain boy. She doesn’t know why but the real reason is love, and she won’t realize that until the boy loves them back, and he will love her back because they are soulmates. The sooner they fall in love, the better because every second they spend with eachother are the best seconds of their lives. Izzie’s are really really pretty but fails to notice it. Izzie’s make amazing girlfriends when they really truly loves the boy. She really cares for the and shows it. All she wants is to be loved by the man she loves.”, and then she will be happy. So come on. If u know Izzie loves u, love her back and live her with all your heart.
Boy1: WOW she’s pretty

Boy 2: Yea, that’s izzie, she likes me
Boy 1: You guys should get toghther. You would be a cute couple
by Imnoteversayingwhoiam July 19, 2019
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gives off PHAT uwu vibes.
her cats eat her paintbushes in the morning sometimes.
nice jawline
person 1: bruh,,,,,, is that izzie ???
person 2: yeah i can feel the wholesome vibes from here
by yeeboi69_ June 10, 2019
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