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What started as a group of teenagers, turned into one of the most deadliest gangs in the South Main Street area of Worcester, Ma. They first formed in the Summer of 2003, which was called "Summer Mayhem". The original 4 members of the gang lived in the heart of the "hood", Ives Street. They formed together when certain teenagers were being attacked and jumped by a neighboring gang called "H-Hood", which was formed on the Hitchcock Road area.By the Fall of 2003, the gang rose to about 75 members.The gang consists of mostly blacks, asians, hispanics, and a few white boys. Their colors are black, white and gray and can be identified by their black bandanas and their ADIDAS brand sneakers.They are also know to yell "Deuces" and "Saint Ives" in according to eachother.Eventually the drug trade took over the area. Eventually, the gang got to big to be known as just the "Ives Street G's" so other factions started branching off, similiar to what happened to the Blood and Crip gangs from California. Other factions included the "Cambridge Boyz", "Hustle MOB", "Nutty North Block" and " Saint Ives Gangsters"The main enemies are H-Hood, 8Ball Cliq, Black Birds, TRG, Bounty Hunters, Gangster Bishops, Underground Saints, and all Blood gangs. Main allies are Cambridge Boyz, Hustle MOB, Nutty North Block, Saint Ives Gangster, Crazy Gangster Crip, Black Mafia Gang, Shotgun Crew, Criminal Saints, and the Black Zones.
Boy 1: Whats that gang from that street called again?
Boy 2: Ives Street Gs!
by Black Zone June 25, 2010
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