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Intense condition of relentless nasal disturbance, not soothed with any amount of scratching. Occurs most frequently during a competitive session of Smash Bros. with friends ( or enemies ). There is some speculation that this particular syndrome can result from a lack of proper hydration, and there is also a theory that it is because you may just need to take a shower to clear up your pores. Either way, this detrimental condition which causes massive drops in performance, continual sequences of miss-timing aerial dodging, wave dashing, and shielding, is often ignored for far too long usually leading to a complete mental breakdown of sheer frustration in the victim.
person 1: "Wow I'm a God. I just three stocked you with K. Rule"
person 2: "It didn't count. I have itchy nose syndrome right now"
by Chewonarock March 31, 2019
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when someone, (most commonly named jack) itches his nose a lot

this syndrome is often caused by gurgling vodka and stealing innocent girls' glow sticks : (
jack has an itchy nose syndrome!
by glowstickgirl November 11, 2009
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