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Role model for the worst behavior of Blacks and Hispanic criminals. Constantly bragging about his dick, grabbing crouch (sound familiar) and describing sex acts. Extreme inferiority complex (well deserved) expressed in goal to self-promote at every opportunity. Compares normal looking people (non-Italians) to his fellow planet Meatball gumba freakazoids as "You donna looka lika us)." Obsessive need to characterize every enter, invent names for people ("From now on, you are called Petey Blue Pants. Yuk yuk." Can't stand his own women. Green skin with 'undertaker' dark circles under eyes by age 21 (e.g., Abe Vigoda). Incessantly promoting each Italian figure, celibrety in the most transparent cheerleader manner. Essentially, a human-like joke he doen't get.
"You, you I name Bobby Bent Dick. How do I know? Hey, I measured him against my dick, heyeeeee! You should be so lucky to be an Italian-American male"
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