there are two definitions for Italian sausage, 1. a very tasty version of sausage 2. a swinging Italian dick
that Italian sausage looks enticing on my plate
by SausageMounter July 02, 2004
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His penis is so large, she could not fit his Italian Sausage in her mouth.
by TommyJay May 20, 2007
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The penis of an Italian man or an American man of Italian ancestry. An Italian Sausage is the literal man meat of those men with Italian blood, whose penis is most often very thick and hairy but noT nescecarily long as thickness has to do with the sausage. Italian men have a large sexual appetite that's in our genes, and we put the gift of our race to good use. The thickness of our sausages feels amazing when being pumped through pussy or ass.
Nico Tortorella probably has a thick, Italian Sausage.
by NickNicky576 July 11, 2011
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A giant boner long and stiff enough that one can see it poking their pants
Jake: Harry, you have an Italian sausage
Henry: What?
Jake: yeah what’s that I see in your pants?
Henry: oh shit!!!
by Kidswillbekids July 12, 2019
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The genitalia of an Italian man. Usually large, hairy, and uncircumsized.
Austin: I bet he has an Italian Sausage!
Jay: That is disturbing...
by xxJay---; November 10, 2006
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to cut off a mans penis, stick it in his mouth, and soe his mouth shut
To torture him, we gave him an italian sausage
by Zerker Nick August 02, 2008
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