A term used in business or in other large organizations. If this term is used on you, then you are about to get fucked over in a such a way that will almost destroy you. Usually used by supervisors to their subordinates or can be used in peer to peer conversation.
Hey Bob I know you have been working here almost 15 years. Well you are a good guy and all but remember no matter what happens. It's Just Business. No hard feelings we can still be friends
by pantyteamaster July 12, 2010
An excuse for an amoral act in the name of achieving of greater fortune, most frequently & notably used by athletes backstabbing their organizations for more money or late-night television hosts taking back their former positions, all others be damned.
I don't know why my fans will feel betrayed that I signed a multi-year deal with a division rival; we all know it's just business.
by Itchy Armpits January 25, 2010
A conservative fallacy. Whenever a liberal or leftist mentions income inequality, poor working conditions or the many problems created by hierarchical systems: right-wingers, conservatives and 'libertarians' will inevitably resort to the 'just start a business' retort. The problems with this adage are A) it isn't possible for everyone to start a business, for a variety of reasons (e.g. most people do not possess the necessary startup capital). B) if everyone started their own business then there would be no workers available to work within each business, and C) most leftists are opposed to the concept of heirarchy in business, so starting their own business wouldn't solve the problem of heirarchy (if you're against the existence of bosses, becoming a boss does not solve the problem). The fallacy is common among pampered prep-boys who have never had to work a day in their lives.
Leftist: I hate the fact that people have to work 40 hours a week for 40 years just to earn their right to survive.
Conservative: Just start a business, then you won't have to do this.
Leftist: How does this solve the problem? I'll just be joining the ranks of those I despise.
Conservative: Yeah but you won't be a wage-slave anymore.
Leftist: Yes, but I don't just care about myself; I'm interested in the working conditions of all people.
Conservative: Lol w/e bosses work even harder bro.
Leftist: That proves my point, even bosses aren't exempt from the treadmill.
Conservative: You're just lazy lol, just start a business you lazy welfare sponge.
Leftist: How old are you?
Conservative: All Lives matter.
by Dial M for Money September 21, 2020