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Tenth Studio Album by The Who released September 4th,1982.
It's Hard
1."Athena" (Townshend) – 3:46
2."It's Your Turn" (Entwistle) – 3:39
3."Cooks County" (Townshend) – 3:34
4."It's Hard" (Townshend) – 3:47
5."Dangerous" (Entwistle) – 3:15
6."Eminence Front" (Townshend) – 5:39
7."I've Known No War" (Townshend) – 5:45
8."One Life's Enough" (Townshend) – 2:21
9."One at a Time" (Entwistle) – 2:55
10."Why'd I Fall for That" (Townshend) – 3:18
11."A Man Is a Man" (Townshend) – 3:48
12."Cry If You Want" (Townshend) – 4:35
by Taxman September 17, 2006
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