Usually said about something that has no frills, not perfect, more than a little to apologize for (but probably NOT delineated), not much to be said for it, but offered for face value.
"Is the 1969 Nova you're offering to sell for $150 a pretty good car?"
"Well, it is what it is."
by KP: July 11, 2006
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Term used to describe something when an inane comment is made.
Naomi: Can you have a look at this.

Aaron: That's very Organised isn't it?

Naomi: It is what it is?
by Ed Servs May 17, 2011
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what you tell a team over and over again because you are not allowed to say i am going to rape you in the ass since they lost.
"well that was just one game, nothing we can do now. It is what it is!"
by FerdiAri May 16, 2010
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A term popularized by the people of Los Angeles. It connotes that the truth is simply that... the truth. Deception of the truth will only piss people off down the line, and you don't want to piss people off, who knows you might get shot. LOL. You want to live in the truth, and you like to keep it real.
Yeah? You mean we can't lie and say that Mark McGuire wasn't on steroids and his home run record is tainted?

Nope. It is what it is.
by SoCAL Homie August 22, 2007
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Phrase has many meanings. Normally used to describe something of irrelevance or an acceptance of the situation.

Used primarily to cause confusion to the listener.
Person x: "Hey your feet smell of rotten cheese"
Person Y: "It is what it is"


Person A: "I cant believe i failed my Marketing exam"
Person B: "It is what it is"
by Armin April 22, 2006
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One socially-permissible way of NOT swearing or threatening to commit a felony while meaning to say things like "my life is fucking over because of that," "I want to kill her but I can't" and similar such. It's an excellent reply to any unfavorable situation, denoting momentary acceptance in the face of insurmountable odds.
The bank LOST my money? (deep breath) Hey, it is what it is.
by nilochlainn April 01, 2009
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