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Its like soccer in every way except... The whole point of the game is to kick the ball over the fence.


The Squiggle Guard sits on the fence with a rapier and tries to stop the ball from getting kicked over the fence.

All the while the Squiggle Guard tries to stab the Squiggler (whom is without clothes). The Squiggler has a single coin somewhere beneath his or her skin and must try to get the Squiggle Guard to stab his coin.

On the other side of the fence the Squiggle Monkey waits to try and catch the ball.. but for the entire game the Squiggle Monkey has to ride a unicycle and scream "SHAKESPEARE!!" as loud as they can.

The game ends every forth Tuesday.

"I challange you to a match of It Needs the Umlaut"

"My grandfather told me of the drama and heartbreak of the great It Needs the Umlaut series of '72"
by It Needs The Umlaut January 18, 2009
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