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Island Heights is a small, ramshackle community right along the mouth of the Toms River. It's an older area; the homes are a mix of summer-only bungalows, converted summer homes, old Victorian, and suburban style boxes. There is a kind of 'charm' about the town of Island Heights. That sort of sleepy, waterside resort town feel, almost a New Hope, PA; you know, a vintage, new agey kind of walk-about neighborhood. The people? Eh, Not so charming.

Not much to do in Island Heights, except drink, walk around and chit chat with your neighbors, drink, go down to the waterside boardwalk or docks and watch the sun rise, drink, head over to the marina for a meal and some music (for special occasions) and drinks, sit on your boat or your neighbor's boat and rehash the latest town gossip, while drinking; ride your bike around town, shopping at the local corner store, waving to people sitting out on their porches, drinking....

you get the idea.
Island Heights, NJ people (totally white-bread, WASPs) fancy themselves exclusive, 'rich' educated and well bred. However, as they all know - but would never say out loud- that fantasy is just that- a fantasy. They are almost all a bunch of snotty, booze-guzzling wannabes, who really AREN'T as smart, or nearly as rich, or as educated as they want others outside their narrow little Island Heights world to think they are.

Aliases: " Yachties, Snotties"
by OldSoulEyes December 09, 2011
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