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A sleepy little town located between Toms RIver, NJ and water. 7 minutes from the beach, 8 minutes from downtown and 29 minutes to Central Regional High School, where most kids go to school. With an average of 16 people graduating from the town's grade school, it's safe to say everyone knows each other. People who live in the town leave it for excitement and boredom-release, and those who live within an hour visit the town to feel peaceful. Sailfest, otherwise known as Island height's main event, is a fair along to water with boots to sell things, games, alcohol, and live music occurring the first Sunday of September. Every local school has its own block where the kids can semi privately get drunk and fall down with their classmates. It's an annoyingly great place to raise your kids.
Man: I grew up in Island Heights 20 years ago.
Other Man: oh you must know Kim!
Man: (reluctantly and with resignation) . . . .yes.
by ilive InIH February 10, 2008
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