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A rare mix of Caribbean and Indian. He is the best person you'll meet (ever). When a girl sees him on the streets they get wet straight away. He also turns straight guys gay in a second of viewing his godly appearance . He's funny , sexy, hot ,super hot , i mean SUPER HOTTTT like when you see him you want to rape him . He is also fun to be around and the funniest guy you'll meet. If you meet this godly man you'll throw all your money at him and kill your self because you'll never be anything like him. If I met his i,ll take a pic of him and finger myself 100,00,00,00,000 times a day over him then kill myself because my life cant get any better.
I wish I was Isaiah Willie.
Why cant i be Isaiah Willie.
Hello god my name is "Enri" can you please make me become as cool as Isaiah Willie.
by poopoohead12 November 11, 2018
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