The best girl you will ever meet. She may be a bit insecure but she's very very attrative and she's super outgoing. Your lucky if you have an Isabella for a BFF or girlfriend. I'd keep her close if i was you. She will never betray you but if you piss her off she wont take your bullshit. She does have a bit of a temper but she hides it. Shes not afraid of anything....except for maybe, spiders. But she says whats on her mind. Is very intellegent but gets lazy about work and school.....but somehow always pulls through at the last second. Isabella is also a beatiful singer and talented soccer player. She can act and dance the night away. She's a fun person to go to parties with as well. Isabella can do anything she puts her mind to. She's fearless. Your truely luck if you ever get to meet an isabella.
Damn....Isabellas lookin fine today!!
Whos the hottie?? Thats Isabella!
I wish i was isabella....
Thats my BFF Isabella...shes so loyal and kind
Thats my girlfriend Isabella, shes the best!!!
by #LuckyGurl$$ July 30, 2016
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The most beautiful girl in the entire world. She has a smile that can light up a whole room, and has the most amazing brown eyes. They are enough to make you fall in love instantly, be careful not to look right into them, because you will get lost. She is also an amazing dancer and singer, even though she won't admit it. She is great with children, and will make a wonderful mother and wife. And her best quality... She is a woman of God. Not only is she all around perfect because of her smarts,beautiful, humor, and just all around personality, but she has a love for God. It's visible and it's the hottest thing ever. There's nothing hotter than a woman on fire for God. And wow is she hot!!!! This girl is my future wife so sorry she's taken. And she's one of a kind so you'll never find anyone as amazing as her. Lol sorry not sorry
I wish my girl was Isabella.

That was so beautiful, but not as beautiful as Bella.
by BlessedGuy3.11.15 May 16, 2015
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A VERY attractive girl that is always happy and cheery. Her inner beauty is huge if you get to know her. Although, she is very determined when it comes to some things. She's always a good person to talk to because she gives good advice. Never shy away from her because you are loosing a great amount of friendship and knowledge.
Isabella always gave me good advice when I needed it.
by mushycarrots March 30, 2010
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Isabella is a girl who is the most beautiful girl around from head to toe. She has a beautiful and charming personality. Although her humor is dry, she never fails to make any guy she meets love her for it. She has alot of friends, who all love her more than anything. From the second anyone meets an Isabella, her face and amazing personality is engraved into your mind. She is unforgettable. If you know an Isabella, tell her you love her right now. Do it. Seriously. Because you may never get the chance to.

You, my friend, are the most lucky person in the world if you know an Isabella. You should probably date her.
Person 1: Is that girl named Isabella?
Person 2: Yeah, bro.
Person 1: I wanna date her.
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Isabella is usually a pretty girl with a pretty personality.
Can be very energetic and up for anything.
Isabella is a hot girl with a hot name! Shes fun to be around with and has a bazaar sense of humor.

Bella means Beautiful in Italian, which means "Is a Beautiful."

You need to meet an Isabella!
"Who is that pretty lady?"
"Thats Isabella!"
by Dreamer! June 19, 2010
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A very hot girl who is always looking for trouble. very attractive and has a very hot body, likes to play sports and she excersizes alot. A rebelius beauty who can also be sweet.Alittle tomboyish but catches the eyes of every guy who looks at her. Has trouble with grades but is very smart. She is very shy when it comes to meeting new people but those who know her well know shes a hell of a partyer. Shes fun to be around and a great girlfriend, you wont wanna leave her side. She doesnt care what others think of her and shes always herself.
that is obviously an isabella
by loverboy123451 November 27, 2011
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A hot and sexy girl with a really hot name. is very shy and extremly smart girl that has very strict parents. does well in school and has very good grades but can be oblivious to things at times. if you are dating this girl you are extremly lucky to have her and should hold on to her as long as you can.
my gfs name is isabella.
by ummmmm joshy April 14, 2009
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