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Its a high school where you take all of your high school classes in 2 years and spend the last 2 years taking classes at uncw.
In the first 2 years you spend over 6 hours a day doing homework honestly.
In the first 2 years you endure literal hell with teachers who make you do stupid non related projects like running around in the forrest. Out of the 4 teachers that teach the 2010-2011 sophomore class the Bio teacher is retarded and assigns the stupidest busywork, the latin teacher is extremely cool and fun, the english is a bitch in class but is really cool if you get to know her, the math teacher is ok, and the history teacher is the best teacher there he makes sure you are well prepared unlike the Bio teacher who doesn't prepare you and for anything then expects you to do masters level work.

The people who go there are either social outcast who cant even count or over achievers.
The girls are lacking in looks there are maybe 5 hot girls who go there but they are overachievers and the rest are fugly.
Me:Hey what are we doing in bio today?
Friend: Mr. bishop gives us another stupid project that will take 10 hours to do.
Me: whats it on?
Friend: Nothing to do with his class
Even: Hey hes not that bad and its a good project
Me and friend: Shut up u fagget
Even: Dont talk to me like that (Sassy voice)
Me: you need to grow a pair fag

Me: i cant wait for summer
64 other students in my class: me to

I go to Isaac Bear early college their are no hot girls, the Bio teacher sucks, and its stupid
by Fight thepower March 24, 2011
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