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A misheard lyric in the “Heart Shaker” video by “Twice”. Sana is a member of this group.
Twice fan: Oh my god at Twice’s concert all of the fans screamed “Is Sana Gay” when Heart Shaker came on.
by naknows85 July 04, 2018
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a misheard lyric in the song 'Heart Shaker' released by the Korean pop girl group TWICE. The lyric "이상하게 (isanghage)" is usually misheard by English listeners as "is Sana gay", referencing to one of the group's vocalists, Sana. It since has been a running meme within the TWICE fandom (known as ONCE), and is used to acknowledge her affection toward her fellow members.
Korean Speakers: "이상하게!"
English Listeners: "What? Is Sana Gay?"
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by WiseEcksDee July 07, 2019
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