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The Don Bosco Prep student section. The Ironmaniacs are the student section every high school dreams of having at their football games. They are rowdy, loyal and chant so loud the opposing team can’t even hear themselves think. Home or away, favorite or underdog, they show up in hundreds to support their football team. They draw in the most hot high school chicks from schools across north Jersey, and are respectful towards them. They come up with the most creative and cool themes such as beach outs, lumberjack outs, USA outs and even pink outs and get nearly 100% participation at every game. Their rivals, the Crazies of Bergen Catholic, sound like a library compared to the Ironmaniacs. They are rude and have even defaced property. When their team loses, the Crazies are ashamed of what they are, however the Ironmaniacs are proud to be Ironmaniacs win or lose.
The Ironmaniacs are the most lit student section in the entire state of New Jersey!
by DriftLegend159 January 02, 2018
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The fans of Don Bosco Prep HS in Ramsey NJ. They are very dedicated fans, and very loud. They can be a little rude in their cheers, but it ends there. They are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. The Ironmaniacs will never deface property, or a sacred statue just for a win. Their main rival is Bergen Catholic HS, Crusader Crazies, in Oradell NJ. Their fans are the worst people you'll ever meet. The Crazies even defaced a sacred statue of St. John Bosco after Bergen beat Don Bosco in a football game. The Ironmaniacs would never do such a thing.
Person 1: Ready for the game!?
Person 2: Yeah, but I'm scared about the Ironmaniacs.
Person 1: Don't be! The Ironmaniacs are the nicest fans you'll ever meet!
by TZanks 97 December 02, 2012
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