Arguably the most influential heavy band of all time. Not only are they hands down the most musically talented metal band, they have also harnessed the power of evil will thrashing guitar riffs and explosive lyrics of folklore and true historical events. Anyone who slanders Iron Maiden is an immediate threat to the immortal Gods of Metal. Your days are numbered, and the time will undoubtedly come when Eddie will seek reparations by impaling your soul in a true iron maiden. The forces of evil do not tolerate douche bags who villify the fathers of contemporary metal. Claim allegiance to Iron Maiden or perish in a whirlind of hellish fire. Resistance will only exacerbate the wrath of the almighty one. Hail Eddie, the surveyor of all evil, and executer of flamers who know nothing about heavy metal!
Long live Iron Maiden, Eddie, booze, big 80's chugs and anything cool. Judgement day is near for all tools who don't listen to Iron Maiden!
by Eddie's Keeper May 26, 2005
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Simply a great band. Metal rules and Iron Maiden is one of them.

I'm swedish, and Maiden calls their swedish fans blood brothers. I know alot of bands say that to everyone, but I know they don't lie. 55 000 tickets sold out in 2,5 hours here. Pretty good for a country with 9 million citizens.

I think you have to play for 25 years to enter the rock Hall of Fame. Maiden has played 25 years. Don't you think they should be allowed to enter?
by Swedish_maggot January 13, 2005
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A great rock band from britain. Songs include Aces High, Phantom of the Opera, and The Trooper.
Iron Maiden kicks Creed's ass.
by Panzer May 09, 2004
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Founded by bassist Steve Harris, Iron Maiden infused Thin Lizzy style dueling guitars and throbbing basslines with a more metallic sound, leading the British Heavy Metal explosion circa 1980. Though they've made brilliant music throughout their career (excluding No Prayer for the Dying and Fear of the Dark), Maiden were at their peak from Number of the Beast through Somewhere in Time. Known for blisteringly intense live shows featuring both flawless musicianship and energetic stage antics. Maiden is real fuckin' heavy metal. \m/
"Iron Maiden destroyed at Ozzfest '05. They gave me whiplash of the headbangingest sort. Hell, that was easily worth having to endure 50 minutes of the mallcore Mudvayne." -Me
by AdmiralDavidov August 14, 2005
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One of the best Metal bands ever and my most favourite band ever. They are also one of the most influential bands ever to exist.

Formed on Christmas Day 1975 by Steve Harris. The band name was gained through the TV film 'The Man in the Iron Mask' which Harris saw.

Steve Harris and Guitarist Dave Murray are the only 2 members who have been there since the first album. Maiden became the leaders in NWOBHM along with the likes of Judas Priest with their first two albums 'Iron Maiden' and 'Killers' which had Paul Di'Anno on vocals until he left half way through the Killers World Tour because of cocaine abuse, during the recording of Killers Adrian Smith came in to replace Dennis Stratton. It was not until a certain Mr Bruce Dickinson replaced Di'Anno that Iron Maiden hit international success with the classic album 'The Number of the Beast' and then after that the band just grew and grew. It was also after Number of the Beast where long time drummer Nicko McBrain replaced the departing Clive Burr and made his album debut on 'Piece of Mind'.

After recording the exceptional 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son' album guitarist Adrian Smith left the band due apparent unhappiness of the band's music direction, he was then replaced by Janick Gers who played guitar on Bruce Dickinson's first solo album, Janick's first recording with Iron Maiden was No Prayer for the Dying. The turn of a new decade began a dip in Iron Maiden's journey with the rise of grunge and alternative rock. After 1992's 'Fear of the Dark' Bruce Dickinson left the band to pursue a solo career and he was replaced by Wolfsbane lead singer Blaze Bayley which lead to mixed reactions from the fans. Both albums 'The X Factor' and 'Virtual XI' with Blaze didn't chart very well and in 1999 Blaze left by mutal consent. The music world would be shocked when Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith both returned and the band where they also decided to retain Janick Gers giving the band 3 guitarists.

Since the classic line up returned they have recorded 3 albums which are Brave New World, Dance of Death and A Matter of Life and Death with all 3 albums recieving critical acclaim. With a new album planned it is expected to be released sometime in 2009.

My favourite albums from the Beast have to be:
Iron Maiden
Number of the Beast
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
A Matter of Life and Death
No Prayer for the Dying (a very underrated album to be fair)
Somewhere in Time

The band line up is:
Bruce Dickinson - Lead Vocals
Dave Murray - Guitar
Adrian Smith - Guitar
Janick 'Underrated' Gers - Guitar
Steve Harris - Bass/Band Leader
Nicko Mcbrain - Drums
And of course not forgetting the band's mascot Eddie The 'Ead
Iron Maiden's gonna get all of you ;))))
by HullCityAFC08 December 10, 2008
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Iron Maiden is awesome
Best songs are Fear of the Dark and The Wicker Man
Notice how all the people who dont like Iron Maiden get all thumbs down
by TM May 05, 2005
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