A superhero who, when people ignore him and take is powers for granted, goes back and kills the people that he saved.
Can he walk at all?
or if he moves, will he fall?

Iron Man lives again!
by Skelington December 24, 2003
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One of the greatest heavy metal songs of all time by Black Sabbath about a guy who trips on too much acid and kills tons of people
i am iron man

dun dun dun dun dun nau nau nau dun dun dun dun

has he lost his mind can he see or is he blind etc.
by THE NEXT IOMI May 27, 2006
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Eat a girl out when she's having her period
I don't even need to take my vitamins today because I just gave Sharleen the Ironman
by The11Man June 11, 2009
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When the man blows his load on the girls chest. After ejaculation has finished the man sticks an ashtray on the jizz. Leaving behind the famous iron man power supply.
Where's the ashtray? Ask Ashley, I think it's on her chest. Derek pulled an iron man on her last night...she loved it!
by Big Daddy D$ April 06, 2009
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When a girl wont have sex with you or just for fun, you wait till their sleeping, take a dildo and cover it with super glue, then shove it up their ass. When they try and walk they will be all stiff because of the dildo and look like a robot!!
That hoe wouldnt let me tap that ass so I did an iron man on her.
by nndk September 21, 2007
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In close reference to "superman", ironman is when a man gets upset with his female companion for not having sex with him and cums all over her body, wraps her up in alluminum foil, and lets it dry so that she looks like the super hero; Ironman.
"That chick looks so ugly that she needs to be ironmanned".
"She didn't put out so i ironmanned her".
by B. J. Manlove February 27, 2008
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having sex that prolongs an hour
Rob: Dude last nite me & erin did a double Iron man!
Adam: DUDE! u must heave destroyed the bitch!
by rob May 30, 2004
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