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Irma Alberta is a charming little village of approximately 350 people located in east central Alberta. It boasts of having a school, curling rink, and hockey rink.

Visitors to Irma are welcomed with open arms but are NOT encouraged to become residents (especially if the visitor is a "faggot, nigger, sand nigger, or chink....according to the locals). However, should you be intent on becoming a permanent resident, Irma is well known as a "swingers" town. The town also supports an extremely high rate of incest, having only a few last names in the phone book, so outsiders may or may not be welcome to wife/cousin swap. Who knows. You will also be expected to sexually service or loan your wife to the local men's hockey and baseball team.
Due to the high rate of incest and the offspring it has produced over many generations, please be understanding when dealing with these people, as life moves a lot slower there, and beware of moving vehicles as most residents are drunk off their ass by lunch. High speed Internet is not yet available, yet residents have been fooled into believing it has.
"Gee, I'd like to make love to my attractive cousin but its not acceptable behaviour in our city"
"Well hey! Drive on down to Irma, Alberta!"
by Jesus the hulk June 17, 2013
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