A condition primarily (not exclusively) seen in women of Irish ancestry involving a loss of rational and objective memory, specifically as it pertains to any past misdoings on their behalf. This lapse in memory is almost always accompanied by an innate ability to recall with unparalleled clarity any wrong others have caused them, regardless of how trivial or seemingly unrelated.
I was winning the argument with Patricia until her Irish Alzheimers flared up and she reminded me that on our third date I told her she didn't look good in yellow.
by Raws October 27, 2015
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Irish Alzheimer's is when you forget everything except your grudges.
O'Meara can't remember what day it is but Irish Alzheimers helps him remember he wants to kick O'Hara in the arse.
by T-Bob Corvus December 24, 2017
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The inability to recall a vast majority of the previous night due to the large amount of alcohol consumed.
"Dude what happened last night? I have a case of the Irish Alzheimer's."
by LazyBeardedGuy December 10, 2017
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