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Out of the thousands of female soldiers and marines that have served combat tours in Iraq (notice how I DON'T include recognition of the two "taxi services" Air Force/Navy, that's for a reason for Iraq Veterans to know), many have served with remarkable distinction, overcoming tremendous odds in a military that is still primarily shifted towards the stronger and more suitable male sex. Many females have done their tour amidst personal choices and immense pressure not only on the streets of Iraq, but on the homefront as well. Then there are those females that use their limited status and limited population numbers to advantageous victories previously unheard of. Facing reality, there are far fewer females in the deployed combat forces of the Army and Marines, and many young, testosterone fueled males abjectively make regular, "plain jane" women into "Iraqi Cinderellas". Once considered average and not having any male attention at all on the shores of America, these females attract attention not even through their sheer will power or charm but by default of population and male libido. These females are normally called "mopeds" or even "fugly" back here in "the World" but become princesses in Iraq, and valued at a high price, use their pathetic bodies in such a way as to have services, bills, sexual favors, everyday tasks, and even financial support doled out in front of them by pathetic males looking for a cure to the "blue balls syndrome" that a mostly male environment brings. The all true formula of the Cinderella tale works in perfect the fact that at the end of a combat tour, these Iraqi Cinderellas turn back into hideous halflings, wondering why upon return to normal American society why men, even good looking men won't lay down in front of them at their beck and call.
Many times over "Iraqi Cinderellas" will sleep with upper level non-commissioned officers and commissioned officers so as to gain rank and personal favor.

Iraqi Cinderellas are constantly worried by the 11th month of the tour about the clock striking midnight, and that inevitable return to uglydom and normalcy that a redepolyment back to the United States will bring.

If you pay attention, many port o shitters in transient camps such as Camp Virginia contain the phrase "be ready Cinderellas, the pumpkin carriage is about to shrivel" or "Look out Cinderella, the clock is about to strike midnight!"
by Johnny HATES nova June 04, 2006
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