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the act of being neat with your ipod when your done listening to it, as opposed to just shoving it all in your pocked and tangling it up. this includes untangling the headphones straightening out the other end of the headphone that always twists up, and wrapping it around your ipod neatly so it doesn't all buldge in one place
WARNING: this has not been determined gay or not so just to be on the safe side nver attempt this in public or you may be called a faggot or a queer
i like to give my ipod a manicure when im bored to pass the time so that i dont have to untaangle it next time i use it

Fiend: wut u doin?
Me: nothin just givin my ipod a manicure
Friend: really u just did that an hour ago
Me: yeah i know these headphones suck im gettin a zune next time fuck ipods
friend: good idea

ipod manicure
by hendrixpageslash October 05, 2008
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