A gay place to go to get drunk. Really the only reason to go there is so you can get into the bars. If you are a girl however, you will get raped. There is no question. The fucking dirty ass people of Iowa City are only good for fucking girls who dont want to be fucked. Try finding your way around too, you will get lost, because the layout of the entire city is just shit.

"lets go to iowa city to get drunk!"
"hell no you will get raped!"
"o thats true"
by fuckinawesomeperson March 26, 2009
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A place that is not as good/cool as Ames, Iowa.
Iowa City Resident: "Hey man, Hawkeyes rule! We have such a coooool football team!"

Ames Resident: I give no fuck. Ames is a fucking amazing town with a great education system. Get the fuck out of here with this Iowa City shit.
by ISUFTW August 19, 2011
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