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A speck of shit in the black hole that is, Citrus County. Quite possibly the 7th Circle of Hell. Where old people go to torture the youth and haunt them after they've passed away in their fancy double wide while watching Murder She Wrote, eating a TV dinner, and yelling at a cat they thought they saw pass their screened window. Where the younger people destroy what's there then complain about how shitty it is and everyone's parents are sleeping with everyone else's parents.

However, you can find the young and old mingling on the common grounds of Coaches, The Loft, and High Octane. The only establishments worth a damn in the whole God forsaken county and what are they? Bars. Beautiful "Get me fucked up" watering holes. But beware of herpes and the clap.

I hate you and wish the worst for you. Go to Inverness, FL.
by Eric0311 September 22, 2017
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