An international fuck is where you find a person of the opposite sex from overseas, invite him/her home, and then fuck them.

It's usually done by hippies who wear long Inspector Gadget coats, and people who are violent psychopaths who threaten to kill people.
Shauwn decided to find some poor girl from Hong Kong who couldn't speak English as his International Fuck.
by who the hell wrote this fuckin December 18, 2009
International fuck off day is on the 3rd of April.
Person 1: Hello
Person 2: Today is international fuck off day. Do you know what that means?
Person 1: What
Person 2: Fuck off
by Dafuckdoyouwant April 1, 2020
A holiday occurring on September 3rd. On this day, people are free to maim and murder communists and anarchists as they please with no legal repercussions whatsoever. On top of this, outspoken communist or anarchist views/propaganda is illegal, and punishable by either life in prison, or death, depending on the severity.
Guys, it's International Fuck Communism Day! Whaddya say we go gut a marxist!?
by BurgerBurglar December 6, 2020
The month in which an absolute fuck-ton of Countries have declared independence from Britain over the course of human history.

Also known as: July
Person 1: Happy International Fuck Britain Month!
Person 2: *Fires a Firework*
A British Person: What in the goddamn?
by Aqua Markwin July 12, 2021
June 14th is International Fuck Trump Day


Even though every day is a Fuck Trump Day, June 14th is the official International Fuck Trump Day

May 27th the day where u can tell brody to fuck off
Brody: Hey gu-
You: Fuck Off Brody
Brody: Wh-
You: It's International Fuck Off Brody Day
by nayeoniwww May 27, 2022
women are above all so we deserve a day 💘
some random guy: “hey it’s international women are fucking amazing day what should we do?”

other random guy: “we should hype up women because they deserve the world”
by mf.feminist September 5, 2021