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September 19th is when this occurs. Fun & lots of laughs! Arr, Matey!
Finding out about International Talk Like A Pirate Day was a Wonderful Happy time! This is Real & worldwide.
by Starchylde May 21, 2016
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The most holiest of days through out the calender in which everybody in the world spends the day talking as they would if pirates had won the war against the ninja's (although ninja's are still way cooler). This is what should happen however tragically most people ignore the day or missinterperit it as a day in which to have a laugh talking like a pirate, the sad dilusional fools. This day is to celebrate the creation of the pirate army that bravely gave it's life in the war of the garr's (against ninja's) and allowed pirate communities to escape and exist in secret through out the world and passed on the tradition of international talk like a pirate day.

Remember those lost and honour them as you raise your tankards of grog and let out your honourary "GAAAAARRRRRRR" in their memory. If you can't find grog just have beer and get pissed instead.
The accepted GAAAAARRRRRRR contains 5 A's and 7 R's.
GAAAAARRRRRRR This be international talk like a pirate day

GAAAAARRRRRRR We will remember those who sacreficed themselves to save pirate traditions by forcing the world to talk like they would for a day. It will be called International talke like a pirate day.
by Bongonator January 04, 2008
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