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An insurance pee is similar to plain old peeing. The only difference is that the insurance pee is usually taken, regardless of if they need to, when the pee-er isn't sure of when they'll encounter another bathroom.

Insurance pees are usually taken before leaving for an unknown or unfamiliar destination, or upon discovering a bathroom at said destination.
Ben: Mom, are you ready to go?
Susan: Yeah, hold on, let me just take an insurance pee.
by bls1999 July 30, 2018
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What experienced drinkers do when they leave the bar but have a long ride ahead of them. Even though you don't feel like you have to pee, you go pee anyways so you don't get 15 minutes down the road and suddenly have to try to find a place to pull over and pee.
"Ok...I'm going to hit the head and take an insurance pee then I am out of here..."
by Ye gods December 20, 2015
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