successful new artist who got people mad because their label and management is doing a good job
"have you heard of olivia rodrigo?"
"yeah, she's an industry plant"
by rihslayed January 13, 2021
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A term on Stan Twt used when a woman is successful and a threat to their faves.
#that fandom: have you heard of #that girl? she's such an industry plant. she def pays for her streams. payola kween!
any sane person: oh yeah she must wash 80+ million cars per day whatta hardworking kween!
by BPOutsold May 28, 2021
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When someone isn’t that talented but gets famous from their labels and the music industry
Example: bts is a industry plant.

Kpop bands are industry plants
by writeyodamnmusic June 27, 2022
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