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A teenager that doesnt like labels. She has 15 pairs of awesome jeans but wears the same pair of jeans 3 times a week. She is extremely unpredictable and will go to school wearing dark jeans with plain V necks, then will come to school wearing neon yellow pants. She doesnt do what she's told and isn't very confident but will come off being the most self obsorbed person ever. People dont really care what she has to say,, unless theyre her friend which she is the RADDEST person they know,, doesnt really have solid group of friend just 3 really close ones and 5 distant ones, she hangs around the goth kids but will spend the night at the most Unpopular, ugliest girls house that she doesnt hang around at school with at all, mostly because nobody asks her to do anything. She claims to be an alcaholic and chokes down vodka everynight to prove that she is.

Hates Hot Topic because its "Tacky and overpriced", but looks like she shops there. She mostly shops at pac sun and wet seal.
Guy1:Hey did you see that girl she's so Indie

Guy2:Dude she was wearing neon pants yesterday

Guy1:That girls weird but awesome at the same time

Guy2: Everyone says she's an alcaholic


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