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A preteen/teenager who has an indie (independant)/rocker style.


Boys would usually have quite messy hair, which even though would probably be in some sort of side-fringe, would be nothing like scene/emo hair. Boys would also probably wear rocker jeans, converse and rocker t-shirts.

Girls would have wavy, rocker hair, also maybe in a side-fringe, but not like scene hair, which is usually high-lighted. They would wear denim skirts/jeans, rocker t-shirts and converse.


Indie rock kids are usually happy people, that don't care what others think. However, some indie rock kids could be depressed, but they would still have the I-don't-care attitude.


Indie rock kids would listen to:

-> Rock (but not modern emo rock)
-> Indie
-> Alt. rock
-> Some alt.metal (but not emo/gothic metal)
-> Grunge

by indierockkid:) December 21, 2009
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