The state capital of Indiana and, allegedly, the 12th largest U.S. city only because it merged with its county. It's metro population rank, however, is somewhere in the uper 20s. It's my hometown, but is, honestly, a joke and deserves to be called Indy-no-place and NapTown. Plain and simple. I have no idea why it has a growing population.

Indy is a small town and nothing more, and would easily disappoint any urban enthuseist. It is among the most dull and unimpressive cities a person could ever be. It is undeveloped and hasn't matured to become a real city, a world class city, a hip, sophisticted metropolis that attracts young urban professionals like NY, Boston, Phily, Chicago, San Fran or Seattle. It is tremendously boring, lifeless and Drab with a capital-D. It has hardly any suburbs like 90% of cities. It has an unimpressive skyline that hasn't gone anywhere since the Chase Tower was completed in 1990. There is no cosmopolitan flare whatsoever. No diversity. No culture. No nightlife. No highrise condos for sophistcated urban living. Not much to do. Lousy public transportation makes everyone drive everywhere. Most improvements move very slowly and take YEARS to change--anything from improving/getting sidewalks, to building a new highrise downtown, to expanding city streets/freeways, to even even filling potholes. Hell, there's even cornfields literally within some areas of the city limits today. Aside from basketball (the world's dumbest sport) and auto racing, what is Indy good for and know for? Nothing. Like I said, it's a small town and boring. Even native John Mellencamp admits so in his song, "Small Town." Even smaller Austin, TX and Charlotte, NC are more lively and attract young, hip people, and waved by-by to Indy long ago. Indy is pathetic and needs a drastic upgrade. What a sorry place.
Indianapolis may be the largest city in Indiana and the 12th largest community in the U.S., but it is a small town with nothing to offer.
by krock1dk February 02, 2008
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most boring city ever. im from hmd(219) and hammond,ec,and gary are more exciting to live in than "naptown" cause naptown is always napping. indianapolis is a great place for wiggars and middle aged people. people from indianpolis along with the rest of indiana except northwest think indianapolis is better than chicago. its just really gay.
sean: im from naptown!!!!!
mark: what?????
sean: indianapolis!!!!?????
mark: ohhh
mark: ahahahhhahahhahahah
mark: so what???????
by mikeglaskovski March 01, 2008
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Supposedly the 12th largest city in the US, but it has annexed nearly everything around it. It has a population of nearly 799, 000, but don't let that fool you. It has a land area of nearly 370 square miles, vs Cincinnati's 78 square miles or Pittsburgh's 59 square miles. Pittsburgh population density - 5000 per square mile, Cincinnati population density - 4300 Indianapolis - 2100 per square mile. This explains why Indy is a hardly a city, but is actually a bunch of annexed suburbs and cornfields. Indianapolis suffers from boring geography and lack of entertainment, but does have a few very good shopping malls. Indianapolis has a very "fake" feel to it, and doesn't feel like a real city the way its surrounding cities of Chicago, Louisville, and Cincinnati do. I recommend that if you are driving north toward indy, keep heading for chicago. If you are driving south toward indy, head toward louisville or Cincy, two much nicer cities with beautiful terrain and better entertainment(OTHER than malls).
Jim: I sure can't wait to get to Indianapolis.
Mike: Were here, downtown.
Jim: Where is everybody then?
Mike: Spread out across half the state.
by City Expert May 18, 2010
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Indianapolis is an extreamly shitty city. I have family there and visit about once a year. Every house there is like 60 years old and looks ghetto as hell. The roads suck major ass, pot holes everywhere. Everyone drives like 25 mph because they are afriad their rusted out cars will fall apart when they hit a pot hole. Every vehical there more then 3 years old is completely rusted out and and ghetto as hell. The general population has no class, no job and are the scum of society. Crime is very high. Did I mention all the houses are old and ghetto as hell?
Get a job, paint your ghetto ass house, fix your roads, and get a new goddamn car! Indianapolis sucks!
by Jamie R.M. April 01, 2006
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A sorry ass town in Indiana that:

1. Has alot of cornfields

2. Is boring as hell

3. Has a building (chase Tower) look like a penis w/ antennas

4. Looks like a giant suburb in search of a city

5. Has alot of Cocky, arrogant Jocks and ignorant wiggers

6. Has alot of redneck, white-bread, chicken shit maw fuckas

7. Has alot of stupid, white, backstabbin whores

8. Has mean black girls

9. Has raggidy ass roads

10. Has a football team that can never make it to the superbowl

11. Cheated it's way into the top 20 largest U.S. cities

12. Is not really a major city

13. Thinks they're better than Chicago

14. Has people who own large pick-ups and/or SUV's and speed down the freeways at 90 MPH

15. has no streetlights or sidewalks(except in downtown area)

16. Has a small downtown with nothing to do

17. Has over-reactive cops that thinks someone will crash an airplane into their small buildings or nuke their cornfields

18. Has a bunch of old, tore up ass houses that make westside chicago houses look new

19. Is full of pussies

20. Can go to hell

21. People even in Chicago don't know exists

22. Has fake ass niggas
Indianapolis sucks balls!
by 499587 November 23, 2006
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1. the Indiana State Capital
2. largest city in Indiana and 12th largest in the U.S.
3. old North Meridian Street
4. Broad Ripple
5. Fountain Square
6. Monument Circle
7. the Colts
8. the Pacers
9. basketball crazy
10. the Indy 500
11. White River State Park
12. St. Elmo's Steak House
13. suburban soccer moms who drive SUVs
Indianapolis is not really a "large" city in the traditional sense but is rather, a large, Midwest town with a comfortable quality of life.
by krock1dk October 01, 2007
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Complaining that Indianapolis lacks a subway or a ski resort or a beach is like buying a Suburban and complaining about the mileage. It is what it is, which is mostly very good.

Typical complaints:

No culture: Wrong. Visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the opera, the ballet, the Circle Theater, the many universities and colleges with first class cultural opportunities. If you're missing the culture here you aren't looking.

No skyline: Look at the pictures.

No rivers, lakes, greenspaces, etc.: Wrong. The White River flows through the city, as does the Central Canal with miles of crushed gravel path. There are many more miles of connected rail trails. There are two huge lakes on each side of town, one that is home to a lot of motor boat activity, and another that sees a lot of sailing and rowing races. There are many large city parks. And just an hour south is Brown County State Park, home to some of the best mountain biking east of the Mississippi. Look it up.

No diversity: Wrong. Come and look around. If by diversity you mean, there aren't as many jaded too-cool-for-anything-but-NYC posers, then yes, Indianapolis may not be that diverse. But even that population is growing, based on the increasing number of bearded hipster guys riding single speed bikes in girl pants. Even these guys, however, fit in with the rest of us nice, normal, and well-adjusted people.
Indianapolis --
The bad: It isn't New York or L.A.
The good: It isn't New York or L.A.
by Uncle Java October 25, 2011
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