A Midwestern state of excessive whining from 6.3 million sorry ass people who have no life but to complain about anything and everything, even if it behooves their state. Most of their whining is based on pure laziness and ignorance, proving Hoosiers are anitquated and don't really know what they want because they are afraid of change. Unfortunately, this makes my home state of Indiana a laughingstock. They complain about the bad and complain about the good. They complain about EVERYTHING. They want to have their cake and eat it too. The state is where NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) is a disease and impeading progress. This is the typical Hoosier mindset:

1. They complain that there's allegedly no jobs in the State but then complain when a company wants to invest in the State saying, "it isnt enough" or "it will ruin the environment" or that "Indiana is the 'last place' a company should bring jobs to."

2. They complain about their politicians but then continuously re-elect them.

3. They complain that Indiana's politicans are shortsighted and antiquated but then complain when Mitch Daniels, the current Governor, wants to make changes and modernize the state's infrastructure.

4. They complain of the alleged bad quality of roads but then complain when construction occurs to improve them.

5. They complain of the "lack" of money to maintain the roads but then complain about their tax dollars having to pay for improvements.

6. They complain about Indiana not having an interstate that goes southwest to Evansville but then complain it will "ruin the environment" or "only save XX minutes of commuting time to/from Indianapolis" or that "it will cost too many tax dollars" to build the needed freeway.

7. They complain the state is wasting money but then complain when the Governor privatizes the Toll Road to do it.

8. They complain the state's infrastructure is antiquated but then complain when Governor Daniels brings changes that will behoof the state.

9. They complain the state's leaders break campaign promises and can't be trusted but then complain when Governor Daniels does everything he promised he would.

10. They complain that the state relies too much on manufacturing but then complain when manufacturing jobs are lost to high-tech automation.

11. Indianapolis area residents complain about the lack of lightrail but then complain taxes will be used to pay for it or "ridership won't be enough" or "Indy isnt dense enough"

12. They complain about the presence of too much government but then complain of a police merger (IndyWorks!)in Indianapolis to decrease it.

13. They complain about the bad quality of schools but then complain that taxes will be used to improve them.

14. They complain about how small and antiquated the RCA Dome in Indianapolis is but then complain when taxes are used to build a new stadium (Lucas Oil Stadium).

Indiana residents have no life and have nothing to do but complain about everything, even when it behooves the state. Indiana: the Capital of whining. What do you people think your tax dollars are for?
by krock1dk December 07, 2007
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The Hoosier State. Calls itself the Crossroads of America. The epitome of "flyover territory." One of those Midwest/Great Lakes States with a very slow pace of life and too many declining Rust Belt cities. Indiana is almost nothing but a flat, dull, boring, drab, lifeless, cornfield hell. There are basically no large cities, but its capital and largest city of Indianapolis (12th largest single U.S. city)is the state's only city to come even remotely close to being a big city. Indiana is about the only state (with the possible exception of Ohio) you will find a manufacturing plant next to a cornfield. It's abundance in boredom is matched by its many declining Rust Belt cities: Gary, Michigan City, South Bend, Kokomo, Muncie, Anderson and Terre Haute. Even Indianapolis proper, with the exception of the rest of the metro area, isn't growing much.

Indiana is very quaint and definately not Colorado or those mountain states. There is no geography or picturesque scenery. There is no mountains. No water. No shoreline. No beaches (beaches next to steel mills on Lake Michigan don't count). Nothing to do. No cool places to see, much less anything to write home about. No opportunities to get out and enjoy nature--that's why so many people are so fat. At least Michigan, Wisonsin and Minnesota have opportunities to enjoy nature with its water and stuff. Ohio at least has 3 the R&R Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and Columbus is a neat college town. Tennesssee at least has Graceland and numerous bars in Memphis while Nashville is the home of country music and the Grand Ole Opry. Illinois at least has Chicago, America's 3rd largest popuation center and an awsome world-class city. At least Pennsylvania has neat, historical Philadelphia. And at least Georgia has Atlanta, which is quickly becoming an international center. But Indiana has NOTHING!!

It's 6.4 million Hoosiers (14th in population for some reason)as its people are called are also, fat, unhealthy and stupid. Indiana consistently ranks among the worst states in education and ACT/SAT scores. Most people, like me, leave when they graduate from college creating the brain drain, because there are no descent, much less good-paying jobs for college graduates. The people are also stupid. They continue to re-elect the same stupid, uneducated, ignorant politicians like themselves, that continue to screw them. And they refuse to get out of their antiquated thinking to change anything, even when it behooves their state. They consistently yell about taxes that are wisely used to improve the state's antiquated roads and other things. They routinely and ignorantly blame their good Governor for the good things he has done for Indiana in the past several years. Like I said, the people don't like any change, even when good. Hoosiers also have among the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and smoking. Hoosiers are also racist and generally talk bad about blacks (who comprise 12% of the state) and Hispanics, especially Mexicans.

Like I said, Indiana is good for nothing and is a dull, boring, drab, lifeless cornfield hell. It is a terrible place to live in general. I grew up there until I was 23 when I found a good job, and moved out and NEVER to return. Good riddence. If only I could get my family out of there.
I grew up in Indiana for 23 years and can say, with confidence, that it is among the worst states. I don't know how/why 6.4 million people can live there. Only Kentucky, West Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska are worse.
by krock1dk February 16, 2008
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1. The act of constantly complaining about your state rather than getting off your fat, lazy ass and doing something to make it better.

2. The act of constantly Complaining about absolutely everything, even the good that will benefit their state.

3. Ignorantly complaining their state is the worst while not realizing it is average; some states are worse and some are better.

4. Ignorantly complaining of the alleged “lack of jobs,” while not realizing it has faired better than other regional states.

5. Refusing to adapt to change even for the better.

6. Ignorantly complaining about the alleged “lack of jobs” while also complaining when a corporation wants to expand in the state.

7. Blaming the good Governor for everything, even the good.

8. Blaming the Governor for your personal shortcomings.

9. Blaming the Legislature for your shortcomings.

10. Constantly Complaining about the poor quality of roads while also complaining about road construction to improve them.

11. Constantly complaining about Daylight Savings Time when most of the country experiences it.
Indiana residents constantly complain about anything and everything, even when it is good, as if they don't have a life. They are usually the first to complain about their state rather than getting off their duff and doing something about it. They are often ignorant and think Indiana is the worst state in the country, while actually being very decent and very average.
by krock1dk December 02, 2007
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Indiana is a popular Swedish slang word for "Hello"

Indiana is used mainly in the popular cities such as Gothenburg, Malmo.

The slang word, Indiana, is only used by the most notorious and classey Swedes.
Swed 1: Indiana! how's den gående?
Swed 2: Jag er brunn hur omkring du?
by Its a hit! August 30, 2009
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The most useless state in all of America, even though it is a northern state about 75% of its population like to think they are from the south and try to speak like they have a southern accent but just sound like idiots. Northern Hoosiers take pride in knowing they are close to Chicago and about 50% are rednecks. Middle Indiana has about 75% rednecks, and southern Indiana has about 90% rednecks.
I am from Indiana, pretty much the worst state in America, I give it a -1 star on yelp
by Smalldongwong January 19, 2016
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Prone to make it to playoffs, semi-finals, and/or finals in any sport, but alway fuck it up to the uber-extreme at the last minute and fucking lose some people their car, house, boat, daughter, wife, dog, bed, right eye, left testicle, and last but not least, their sanity...=D
you: hey did you see the colts game?
me:.....*gun to head, trigger pulled*
you: *dead*
peyton manning:Hey that wasn't very...
peyton manning: *dead*
reggie miller:A'ight dude that's en....
reggie miller: *bleeding from the anus*
me: *partially satisfied*
your sister: *deep throat*
me: *satisfied* GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO!
by Jordan1809 May 26, 2005
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