A midwestern state that has as many nice areas as cornfields and steel mills, and ghettos. There are many definitions on here that mention the rednecks, well I'm from the region(northwest) and there are all kinds of people here only a small percentage of rednecks. I guess that the rest of the state is different. The Indiana Dunes are beautiful and we are close enough to Chicago to commute for work or fun. It isn't the most beautiful state but it's not all bad.
You can have fun in Indiana
by Anule October 10, 2006
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A state in the good old U.S.A.
his last name is jones
who needs one?
by Tasty Snax July 03, 2003
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This state can Be Found In The Midwest United States. Also, more specifically, it can be found between the great states of Illinois and Ohio. What's in Ohio, people sometimes ask. I believe the more accurate question is this: What's in Indiana?
An Obsession With Professional Basketball (See Below.)
Summer Camps (Waycross, Hickory Hill, Gallahue Valley)
Fudge Shops (Southern Indiana; Nashville, specifically)
Beautiful Downtown Bean Blossom T-Shirts (Look at an atlas to locate Bean Blossom)
Brown County State Park
The James Dean Birthplace And Museum (James Dean was the only movie star to be born in Indiana; unfortunately, he was super famous (and died) in the 1950s.)
French Lick (where Larry Bird is from)
A Professional Basketball Team
Marsh Supermarkets
Auto Racing Up The Wazoo (The Indy 500 is the most well-known of these events)
Obsessive Weathermen Who Act As Though Even The Slightest Possibility Of Bad/Dangerous/Stormy Weather is the End of the World.
My Old House
Pig Factories That You Can Smell From the Highway
Camp Jellystone (Why anyone would go to this vacation spot masquerading as a trailer park is beyond me.)
A Highway That, If Followed Long Enough, Will Get You Up North (Chicago, for example).
The Indiana Pacers; you may know them as the team that got into a brawl with the Detroit Pistons during the 2004-2005 Season
by VTP August 30, 2005
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Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom
Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
Whatever the next one coming out is called
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A midwest state whose southern border with kentucky is the nothermost boundry of the inbreeding and illiteracey region of the U.S
Thank God we are in Indiana, those horses in Kentucky looked so nervous all the time.
by R. May April 03, 2006
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A large cornfield interspersed with trailer trash redneck communities, meth labs and Wal-Marts. Youths' idea of an exciting night on the town is driving around the courthouse square eight hundred times in the pick up truck while drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and "ahollerin" HEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAW!" incessantly.
Indiana "youngun": Granmaw's gone beat the shit out of me! Ah et the last of her pork rinds!

Indiana "Granmaw": Youngun! Just cause I caint fit up under this hyer trailer dont mean I caint cawl Aint Eunice down yonder at the meth kitchen to come up hyer and drag you out from under thar and whup ye!
by Mable321 March 02, 2010
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Indiana is a state full of sweet, humble, thoughtful, courteous and intelligent people. It has gas stations and shopping malls just like every other state everywhere but luckily people don't act like they're too cool to live here and they're destined for bigger things like some kind of dipshit character from Footloose. Yes the KKK was here at one time, but so was the Levi Coffin House, known as "The Grand Central Station of the Underground Railroad" so suck it, whitey! We have the dunes, the East Race Waterway, multiple state parks and forests such as Turkey Run and Mounds State Parks, quaint rural towns, the art and bicycling community of Lake Wynona, metropolitan areas such as Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, the amazing architecture of Columbus, a beautiful resort in French Lick. More importantly here's what we're not: We're not some city that a bunch of people decided was cool, left their home states for and caused overpopulation and rent hikes. We're not full of trendy assholes, so that's pretty nice for us. Leaving your town to go somewhere that other people made cool just makes you a follower and you can't claim responsibility. While you are here, make the place you live better, that would be an actual accomplishment and a contribution to your community.
I attend and participate in events and take vacations in my home state of Indiana because I care about the place where I live and am not a waste of a human being.
by WoWzErS! April 24, 2013
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