When a guy is fingering a girl while she is on her period. After he is done, he wipes the blood under his eyes in the way an indian would.
by Gina Spitz October 31, 2007
To give a non material object to some one ans ask for it back. E.i Idea
Tony had a great idea for a new blender and gave his idea to James, but Tony saw the profit in that and asked for his idea back!
by KrakpoT August 5, 2005
Well the term "indian giver" means you give something to someone, or do something, then you take it back, or demand for the same. So, butt sucking indian giver means.... well, use your imagination
Brian says to nick; "shut up! you butt sucking indian giver!"
by Farmer Joe1234567890 December 3, 2009
When someone gives an unwanteditem to a friend or being, and takes it back when you're sleeping or not at home
Dan: Hey guys, i don't want my son to trip and fall and hit his head, so you guys can have my chiminea.

Fred: So, when we move out you don't want it back?

Dan: No way man! ill even help make a mess by cutting wood in your garage and not clean it up!

Fred's roomates: where's the chiminea!?! Dan's an indian giver!!!
by noindiangiverhere May 14, 2009
When you're banging a chick and you cum in her vag then have her sit on your face and you suck that cum right back out.
Guy: "I raw-dogged this chick last night and busted inside of her and I'm worried she's not good enough for my seed. What should I do?"

Helpful friend: "Dude next time be an Indian Cum Giver, I never trust a hoe."
by 640FortFace April 30, 2015
When having a three-some, the first female receives the cock and then gives it to the other female. She then realizes how good it was and takes it back from her.
Damn I had a crazy threesome last night. I started fucking this one bitch and then she passed my cock to another ho, but the bitch, being the indian dick giver that she is, pulled the dick out the ho's snatch and put it back in her's.
by NotoriousRanger January 14, 2010