someone who gives you something and then takes it away
"if God gives life, then he's an indian giver"
by petari January 16, 2005
someone who gives a gift or something to a person n then wants it back
Stop being an indian giver.
by dani March 23, 2005
An English asshole who gives a gift to someone, and then asks for it back shortly thereafter.
Jon Clarke gave me an iPod and then asked for it back because he's an Indian Giver
by Mulvey August 22, 2006
When you do a spin (180, 540, stall to 90) where you land in a fakie, then when you go to rollout/half-cab out of the fakie you turn the opposite way you turned originally
Sweet feeble to 180 to indian giver Vic
by Danny Glovers October 26, 2007
The act of ejaculating on a girls face, and then immediately licking it off of her face, saying, "I'll get that"
Jack was fucking Jill missionary style when he pulled out and came on her face. Quickly, Jack said, I'll get that" and licked the come off of her face. Jill, looked to him and said "You indian giver!"
When a girl is giving a man a blow job and tricks the man into thinking she is going to take it to the face and at the last minute pulls away and instead the man cums in his own face!!
Imani pulled out the Ol' Indian Giver and Esteban blew his load in and around his mouth!
by EstebonHayes March 6, 2016
a bmx trick(error really) THAT SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER BE ALLOWED..and completely ruins tricks.
dude..i cant believe you just did that sweet 180 gap..too bad it was an indian giver.
by Jimmyboy91 December 8, 2007