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When you eat Indian food, an about 5 minutes after you're done eating, you feel a rumble in your stomach followed by a massive shit.
Mike: Damn, that was some good Curry! Very spicy!

Frank: Oh ya, I really enjoyed it! ::stomach rumbles::
Mike: You OK dude?
Frank: Yeah I'm good =/ .... :: runs to the bathroom to take a dump::
Mike: Wow...looks like he has a case of the Indian Shits!
by mg87 February 03, 2010
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When you are camping or ice-fishing and have to take a huge dump in the snow. The dump is typically really red with chunks of corn in it.
Dude, put down that fishing rod and come check out this huge indian shit I just took. Look, stir it up with a stick. There's a whole bunch of corn in it. Sick!

by Pollup November 20, 2007
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This is the worst kind of shit. It comes from a native and is usually found in public places. An indian will shit about anywhere, even in your laundry room, and then you have to clean it up. The smell the environment surrounding an indian shit will be stained forever. It will never really go away completely.
That fucking indian shit on my floor.

Indian shit is fucking sick.
by Friedolays November 04, 2009
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