A whole mess of songs, weird dancing, love, the hero is hot and has superhuman strength, and the girl is an overdramatic idiot
Guy: wanna see an indian movie?
Guy #2: oh hell no
by Howdoiknowgoaway March 23, 2022
Movies made by Indians, usually not in India. So they shoot the movies in NY, Dubai, Singapore, etc. and show it as India. These movies are enjoyed only by Indian people, who enjoy watching movies with almost the same story with the same song dance routine. These people also workship their Indian Movie stars. Mainly, Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachhan.

Indian movies are usually remakes(which are unauthorized i.e. they steal the plots, story, the whole damn movie) of Hollywood movies.
American Guy: I don't watch Indian Movies when I'm sick because they make me puke with their dances and scary makeup.

Indian Guy: You stoopids has no sense of good film!!!
by WannaBeCow August 27, 2006
I added a couple of steaming tirds into a Tim Hortons box then fed them to some Indians
by crx October 27, 2003
If you dont believe me, you can watch our Indian Movie for yourself.
by J. November 1, 2003