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noun (farting indian)

An indian coontard that failed to many exams and releases a hazardous shart from his/her ass crevice. This fart will kill anyone behind the indian and can even flip over cars. Eventhough the indian shitter might not notice this foolish behavior, he is being noticed by thousands of inhalers across the nation. Once the farticles are released and peoples life's are out in danger, it is a concern of the government.

These type of Indians also have the power to turn their crusty ass into a vacuum and suck anything of large mass into it. This is their defense when they encounter police.
That indian fartingson put my family in danger.

I ate to much rava dosa yesterday so I must shart over a bitches tittingsons.

AYE, next time you shart next to me, I will fartingson and blow up your village.
by Anus Enlightenment October 27, 2016
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